Saturday, October 17, 2009

Couture Fashion Extravaganza!!!

I have been invited to showcase some pieces for a fashion show for an Aids awareness event titled: Pre-World AIDS Day:AIDS. Of course, with these designs I will add my little twist to give them all extra flair. The event is Saturday, November 14, 2009 for all those in the Pittsburgh Area. The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Pittburgh, University Center 100 Lyton Ave. 15213. That's in Oakland, for those who don't know, right across from the Cathedral of Learning, Pitt Campus. The Ole Almater!!!

I am so excited about this Jacket, this is in the new Vogue book just put out. I got 6 patterns, but this one I am doing two coats: one in red, and one in celery, view b
This pattern I have had for 1 or 2 years and never used it. But, I love this pattern, I have to see that special fabric in order to make something. Well, wait til you see what I got. I will be doing two jackets: one in a brown artsy fabric with yarn overlay and the other in two fabric textures of the same color: burnt orange, the scarf is textured and the jacket portion is soft and supple. I can't wait to finish the project. I think I am going to add pockets, I can't have a coat w/o pockets!

I will be doing this one in a gold or dark mustard cordoruy in view c also, time permitting, I have a bronze metallic fabric I will do in view a. I hope I can get it all done with going to school and working and grandchildren!!! I believe God gave me this opportunity so I won't complain!! Thanks Marla for the invite!!! I appreciate it!!

New Look 6755

I promise to improve on the picture taking, the color is a little off. Nevertheless, I made view "b". Will I make this again? Only to prove I can do it better, not because I liked the construction of the blouse. It got fussy for me around the collar. I need more practice on sewing skills!!! And I think using georgette didn't help matters. So, if I did make this again I won't use georgette!!! The fabric ravelled a lot. Not good.

Sewing Class update_Finished product

Pat was the only student that finished her dress. I think it was a simplicity and it turned really nice. She had sewing experience it was a really easy project for her. Great job Pat!!!

Finally back w Pics!-Vogue 8278

I should have used a darker interfacing or covered it with fabric before adding to front panel, that is one lesson I learned working with georgette. I added some stones, I was going to cover the whole area to camoflage the interfacing, maybe later, maybe never, I"ll just move on to the next project.
I added a cami because the top of course is see thru. I edged it with the georgette around the neck and arm facing.

The outfit fit really good, it was a tad bit wide across the shoulders, I will definitelymake this again, except I won't use georgette. My picture taking skills needs a lot of improvement but the fabric has a tye dye look and it crinkles. I love the fabric.