Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here it is: Lots of pictures of the what I have done and am doing now!!

 My granddaughter was in a production called Black Nativity and I made this African styled outfit for her.

 She said she was nervous, but I can't tell it by these pictures!!
 This is Vogue 8685 view C, the back.
 This is the front of Vogue 8685. I loved making this dress and will make it again with short sleeves for the summer.
 The blouse is Butterick 5496 View C except I added elastic to the sleeves. Love this blouse it was fast to make which made it even nicer!! The skirt is Simplicity 2343 without the zipper trim on View D.
 This blouse and top is the demo I made for Jo Ann fabrics, the top is Simplicity 2892 View D and the skirt is Simplicity 2286 View A. It was difficult to take pictures of the red, but I really like this outfit.
 This is the Burda Vest I started last year!!! I finally finished it!! That really was a challenge for me, but I really like it on. One day I'll post a picture with me wearing it. The pants are a demo for a class I teach at Jo Ann fabric's Simplicity 3796 view B. The pants require a lot of top stitching, I like the look, it just takes a lot of time. They fit nice too!!
 This is an old pattern I picked up at a local thrift shop for 50 cents. Simplicity 8741 View A. I added the belt and the jewelry on the ties. It looks gold on the top, but it is actually silvertone. There is a vest and skirt that goes with the blouse, but the vest is just cut out and the skirt needs to be hemmed and I forgot to take a picture of it..... Next time!!
 I really like hammered jewelry of any kind.
 This is another top I started last winter and never completed. It is finally done!! I added the ruffles to the sleeve to match a skirt I haven't even cut out yet!! The pattern is Butterick View D without the ruffles on the bottom of the blouse.
 This is Butterick 4865, it's a fast and easy pattern . It requires no lining and I didn't add one. But I think the next time I make this I will add a lining. This particular fabric didn't require a lining. I still have to hem this jacket on the bottom and on the sleeves.
 This is a really warm sweater jacket. I got this fabric from and was really surprised when it came in the mail at how thick it was, in spite of that it is really soft. The color is actually pink and grey. Of course it is not finished. I took my cue from Amanda's blog and added hem facing to all the seams. I figured that would help it stay better than trying to stitch the knit under. The pattern by the way is The Vogue Woman V8605. I will show more pics when it is complete.

This is Vogue 8465 with a style adjustment. The collar is more asymetrical on the pattern, but I simplified it. I can't wait until I finish this one, I love it already and it's not done yet!! Well, I hope you didn't get overwhelmed with all my pictures.  Grace and Peace to YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

I have been out of commission with the internet for way  toooooo long. I missed all the blogging and posting. I still sew like crazy, but I missed the blogging world. I need to update with pictures next time. I finally finished school with honors, Yeah!. Now, I have an Associates in Accounting. I will be out on everyone's blog looking at all the good stuff you created. So talk to you guys soon!!!