Saturday, July 3, 2010

More pillows

They look a little lonely, but I love them. I will probably add more in the middle of doing my thousands of projects!!!


I did the leopard/black one as a demo to teach at JoAnn's and the other was a request, it's not completed, I have to add the rope.

Finally finished their very first skirts!!!

These young ladies were diligent.I am very proud of their completed projects. Now we have to go shopping for the next exciting project!!! Although, I don't need a reason to go to Jo Ann's!!!


Continuation of the Burda top

I still have some work to do. button holes, realign the pockets, hem, and I have added hem tape to the seams. I will show pictures of the inside next time!! This was truly a challenge for me. I think being away from sewing so many years has left me a little rusty on my skills.

Lots of Sewing, but no Blogging!!!

1.I have made 4 cushion covers
2.Covered nine pillows(with some help)
3.Made a back pack
4.Made an additional two small pillows for my bench
5.making cloud/ballon curtains for 4 windows.
6. Still working on my burda top(aagh!!)

I have some pictures, but I hope to improve on how often I blog.
I did get a tripod as a gift and love it!!!