Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures from "It's a Daughter's Tea" w fashions from Finedesigns!!

 This is the zebra jacket Butterick. I added beads to the collar and belt. Look at the beautiful ice sculpture and the tea sandwiches. I was so excited!!
This skirt and top are from simplicity.

This is my own creation or TNT. I glued studs to the top part of the dress.

This is simplicity and I used one directional  fabric. I cut it wrong but could easily turn the panels of the skirt in the correct direction   

The pants are simplicity and the top is burda.
The jacket is Vogue and the dress is simplicity.

This is Rosa wearing her own creation

The jacket is Vogue and I think the skirt is simplicity

Ashley!! Doesn't she look fantastic!
Rosa is wearing her own creation.

The top is simplicity and the skirt is gusted

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photos of Versace Spring Collection

I love the colors!!!
I did have a fashion show on May 7, 2011 for the Daughter's Tea but the pictures did not come out well. I am trying to get the pictures that were taken by my pastor so I will upload those shortly.  In the meantime we can enjoy the wonderful styles and colors that Versace brings this spring!!! Also,Lace is suppose to be the new trend for the Spring, all different colors of lace.

Here is lace in two colors, but we know black and white lace are always popular. I think I need to make a lace dress for the summer!!!