Saturday, July 3, 2010

More pillows

They look a little lonely, but I love them. I will probably add more in the middle of doing my thousands of projects!!!


I did the leopard/black one as a demo to teach at JoAnn's and the other was a request, it's not completed, I have to add the rope.

Finally finished their very first skirts!!!

These young ladies were diligent.I am very proud of their completed projects. Now we have to go shopping for the next exciting project!!! Although, I don't need a reason to go to Jo Ann's!!!


Continuation of the Burda top

I still have some work to do. button holes, realign the pockets, hem, and I have added hem tape to the seams. I will show pictures of the inside next time!! This was truly a challenge for me. I think being away from sewing so many years has left me a little rusty on my skills.

Lots of Sewing, but no Blogging!!!

1.I have made 4 cushion covers
2.Covered nine pillows(with some help)
3.Made a back pack
4.Made an additional two small pillows for my bench
5.making cloud/ballon curtains for 4 windows.
6. Still working on my burda top(aagh!!)

I have some pictures, but I hope to improve on how often I blog.
I did get a tripod as a gift and love it!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Progress Photo on Burda #129

My reading comprehension and Burda instructions are not seeing eye to eye. Therefore, it's taking a little longer than anticipated to complete this one. I hope the next one is better. This is my second Burda pattern I have ever done. I hope it gets better because this is a lot of work as far as I can see. My blouse is looking more like a vest because of the the fabric choice, but I still like it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Burda/May Edition

I love the safari collection of the Burda May edition. Although, it is very time consuming to trace, mark, and cut out all the pieces and then cut out again on the fabric. This week I cut out the sleeveless top with the peplum waist. I haven't done the vest and skirt yet.
This one is my most favorite. This one is actually the first one I cut out this week. But, I still have to cut out all the loops(belt, pocket and shoulder loops!!!). The cutting out is driving me a little bananas! I can't wait to do this one. I bought fabric in the same color and will do a Burda skirt from the Oct 09 issue, which I have already cut out. Whew!!! I am very excited about getting this one done!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

McCall's 5984-Work in Progress

This is one of several projects I am working on. I love this jacket. The fabric is a two tone taffeta, gray and black. I can't wait to finish this one. I wanted it done for the fashion show, but it is too much detail work and I don't like to rush sewing.

Vogue 8278 - altered top

I cut the sleeves and punched holes and strung cording thru the holes. I hope to make a pair of jeans with this outfit. It's the plan anyway.

Simplicity 5645

This dress is view c. This was the last minute easter dress. My granddaughter was extremely grateful. She picked her own fabric. I am still vacuuming glitter off the floor!!

Simplicity 3515

This is from last summer but it does fit her better this year. I made two, maybe one day I will post a pic of the other one!!!

Simplicity 2756

This was a little tough for me because of the sleeves. It took me several attempts to get them right.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Panache 2010 was Wonderful!!!

The pink and green outfit: Top was Butterick4232 view b without the ruffles and I shortened the sleeves. The skirt is my own design.
The beige jacket is V8546.
The gray top is burda 10/2009 #121 without the collar.
The magneta outfit is the top Simplicity 2615 and the skirt is simplicity 2756

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring panche Fashion Extravaganza

Spring Panache Fashion Extravaganza~Thursday, April 15, 2010~'An Afternnon Panache at Macy's'~12p-6p~5th Ave. Downtown Pittsburgh: 11th floor Auditorium. Enjoy a Spring afternoon of cuisine refreshments, conversation with the panache designers and models, receive educational materials about HIV/AIDS and surprises!!! I will be featuring some of the designs I have shown you on this blog.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vogue 2817- top

It took me forever to add this trim. I also lined it so I wouldn't have to wear a cami underneath. It still needs to be hemmed and around the arms and at the bottom. I have other tops and skirts I have started and not finished. I will update next time with pics of those projects and hopefully I will be done with these. Getting ready for another fashion show!!!! It's crazy!!!

Vogue 8546 Jacket, McCalls 5523 view A

I know I have done the skirt twice, but I like it!!! what can I say. Anyway, I love this hooded jacket and it has side pockets, I will take more pics later to show more detail. I am adding trim onto the jacket because I don't like the serge stitch showing on the outside of the hood , still needed to add a zipper to the skirt and hem everything. I will probably make this jacket again in the fall.

Vogue 8278- adjusted to a long tunic

I just pinned the pleats in the front and the sides are sewn yet. In addition, I still need to add interfacing or bias tape. I think I am going to use bias tape. Interfacing inside of georgette looks very home sewn.

Simplicity 2615 view c

Saturday, February 27, 2010

McCall's 3880

I really like this pattern and will make it again in something for the winter next time, only in view d with the ruffle trim. The material I chose was a little too much as far as glitter is everywhere, otherwise I like the wrap.

Prom Wrap in lieu of Jo Ann Fabric's contest

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Butterick 5211 and Mccall's 5523

Butterick B5211 and McCalls 5523 view A

The poncho was my own design with no pattern used from the scraps I had left over.

The top is the dress; view c, I cut to make a blouse and did not use the elastic on the sleeves.