Monday, March 19, 2012

Butterick 6582 update on my progress

If you remember in my previous post  I am making two blouses and a dress with this pattern. This is the first blouse which will be a straight form fitting blouse. I lengthened the pattern and redrew the dart lines for the back in the above diagram.

In this picture, as you can see I lined up the armholes for the front and back and lengthen the front to match the back, again retracing the darts. When I attach the lining the bottom edge will all be attached.

This is the cut out of the fabric. I will use these same pieces to cut my lining. Which I will show in future pics. This fabric is georgette. Since I am stash busting, I don't see that I have enough lining fabric for both the skirt and blouse so I will have to purchase some lining to complete this project.!
Have a nice day and please post your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Butterick 6582 and New Look6003

After much deliberation I decided to work with Butterick6582 and New Look 6003.

I have done some sketches because I will be doing some variations on these two patterns. Butterick 6582 will be made into two different tops and then I will do the dress View C in this Fabric:

My inspiration came from Christian Dior Spring/Summer collection:

I love the criss cross over the shoulders. I can't wait to put mine together!! I just won't be wearing sheer fabric. I don't think I want the attention that would come with wearing a sheer dress like Dior's style. Although, it is very pretty on the runway. The New Look skirt will have some variation to it as well, but that will have to be a wait and see. The fabric that I am using for the tops and skirt are light teal. I haven't taken any pics so I will show that to you next time. Please talk to me!!! Tell me your thoughts.  Would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by my page!!!                                                                   

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fine Designs in Motion!!

These are as many pictures I could put together since I started blogging and sewing. I hope you enjoy my sewing expeditions!! I tried to put this on the sidebar but I can't figure it out. At least not right .
now. And for some reason I am having trouble focusing on sewing outside my alterations. I can't focus on what I want to sew next.... it's been alterations right now!!