Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hope people are reading my page, I have no idea if anyone sees it or even know I exist. Anyway, I will continue to find ways to build repore through the blog. Let me know if you visit my page. I would be glad to hear from you. I finally got the orange fabric for my living room pillows, I just can't scan anything right now because my printer needs black ink and I took the cartridge out of the printer so it won't do anything. I can't wait to go get the orange paint. I finally finished my dining room, it's a musard yellow. I just have to decorate now, you know.... wall hangings, etc. And I cut out a blouse pattern from New Look. Pictures of my projects will be coming!! I am also finishing up a Vogue 3 piece that I started 2(?) years ago!lol. Is that ridiculous or what! Anyway, my kids say I am everywhere, I make their heads spin, but I like it. I start my day early so I can do as much as possible. It's the life of being unemployed and I am taking advantage of it while I have the chance. Have a great day!! Be Blessed!!!

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