Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures from the Armani Showers of Color Fashion Show-Fine Designs

                                         Zebra jacket is B4865, black hooded jacket is Vogue

                                                     These are my twins daughters
 This is me, all the designers had to line up in the front at the end. I am clapping as the introduce each of us.
                                         Two models of the five which modeled my designs
                                                       Rachel!!! Doesn't she look fabulous!!
                                                          This is my granddaughter!!
                              The camouflage jacket is Cynthia Rowley's Simplicity 2443

                                                My grandson and granddaught again!!
                                                                My son and my granddaughter
                                                This is the Burda vest and simplicity pants. I'm sorry I am so brief, but I am sooooo tired and I have to sew for another fashion show on April 16th.
                                                              This is my own creation.

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  1. Love all your garments! You did a great job. Looking forward to seeing your next fashion show designs.