Sunday, February 19, 2012

McCall"s 6400 Completed

 This is McCall's Pattern 6400. It has only one pattern piece, Yes!!!!
 The fabric is a medium weight ribbed knit. I added a faux suede to sleeve and the color is gray, which is difficult to see.
 The skirt: I just cut the fabric the width of my hips, stitched it on the sides and added elastic to the bottom and machined stitched the hem.
 The necklace is my own design which I made last year (or  was it 2010?) for a fashion show.
 Although, I think the top is designed for my body type and don't think the skirt is, but straight elastic waist skirts are easy and fast to make when you are short on time.
I will make this again for the spring with the sleeveless armhole and something real bright!!

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