Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some of Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection

 So soft.
 Love the detail on the collar of this leather. Sweet!
 Love the feathers on the peplum skirt.
 Is this too much for a wedding? Definitely a special occasion.
 I would probably close the plunging neckline a little. Still very sharp.
 I don't own any skinny pants. I might try this style. Love the white blouse and fullness at hips.
 Pink is not my color. But, I like this on the right person.
 Very feminine(the blue) The black and white below is stunning. You will be noticed in the room with this outfit on!!!
These are perfect styles for the straight body type. Hmmmm...which one, or two or three will I attempt to make, I know I can't afford to buy them. There all gorgeous to me!!! I'll be all dressed up with no place to go with the dressier dresses. I  will dig through my stash of patterns and see what I can up with. Enjoy the pics!!!

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