Saturday, February 4, 2012

Very Easy Vogue

I love this ad. The cape is V8776, The coat is V8775 and the flounce jacket is V8780. I had to research the type of fabric suggested and found that wool fleece, wool jersey and boiled wool was recommended fabric for these coats. These fabrics are used because you really don't need a lining and they have enough body to them that gives that crisp look. Problem is they are hard to find . JoAnn Fabrics did not carry it all. So I checked online.Fashionfabricclub had some wool jersey. had wool jersey. gives you instructions on how to boil wool, but I don't see any boiled wool by the yard. If anyone sees anything please give me a heads up!!. It looks like fabulous fabric, just hard to find.


  1. Hi, Leslie. Have you purchased the V8775 pattern yet? My mom and I are both stumped with it (we think there is a/are skipped step. Goodluck with your search. We/re using non-pilling fleece from Hancock fabric, for what it's worth! :-)

    1. Yes, I did purchase V8775. I was in pursuit of the wool fleece or boiled wool before I actually starting sewing. I think I will just break down and use the anti-pill fleece. As far as the instructions, I will look it over and let you know if I see any missing steps. If you happen to find it before I do ,please let me know!!And thanks so much for your comments!!